Everything needs
to be connected to a
central brain

Many law firms have grown their software organically. The deeper you go, the more you realise that the same information contained in one software package is slightly different in another.

The GD&D solution is, wherever possible, is forall the packages to be joined up so that there is one central brain which contains common data - like user names and details and for each ancillary softwarepackage to be fed by its own connection to this brain via an API (Application programmers’ interface).

When software is very old, this is not always possible and sometimes it’s time to kill it. The Integration of software packages, whether they be Accounting, CRM or HR, is not very glamorous work and it is never seen above the surface, but it can add elegance and speed to the way in which a law form works and the speed with which it can reacts. And if the law firm looks good, then so do we.