How to increase your
software developers
without increasing your
software developers

Simple, you rent more developers from us. Whatever infrastructure and hierarchy you put in place to manage them, we will mirror our end to ensure communication is simple and accurate. All the source code and IPR belongs to you and we can adopt any mechanisms you choose to check in and check out code.

Tell us what you want and what skills you need, and we’ll give you a price per developer/QA resource/ documenter per month. You can even use team rental as a way of maintaining or upgrading your existing source code. So now youcan double your capacity without doubling your expenditure.

What others say about us

 Ghost Digital and Data gives you the best of both worlds. A UK presence and solid relationship with its own developers off-shore. It takes all the risk out of software development whilst providing excellent value for money.
They just get it.

Sayid Hussein Law firm IT Director